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The Complete Beginners Guide To Getting A Facial

We love newbies at Citrus Skin Studio. We love teaching and guiding you towards your goals for healthy skin and a complexion that makes you feel confident. However, we do come across a lot of misconceptions about getting facials. Some feel that it is just fluff, a luxury that is not necessary but reserved for [...]

Taking the Embarrassment out of Brazilian Waxing

Taking the Embarrassment out of Brazilian Waxing I have a lot of tips about making your wax more comfortable physically. But what about the embarrassment of being exposed? Getting your first intimate waxing can be really awkward.You come to Citrus Skin Studio and you and I meet and within a few minutes your bare butt [...]

The Wild World of Waxing

By Donna Felice, RN, LE With the hot weather comes the tedious chore of keeping our bodies hair-free and smooth. We can no longer justify our wooly legs like we did back in January when shorts season seemed so far away. Not only do we need a daily ritual of shaving legs, toes, underarms and [...]

Enzymes and You

By Donna Felice, RN, LE Going back to high school biology, you may remember learning about enzymes. Enzymes are catalysts that speed up reactions and metabolic processes. Our body cannot function without them as enzymes are programmed to perform specific jobs that keep us alive: transporting nutrients, building tissue, digestion, etc. In the skin, enzymes [...]

Take An Acid Trip With Me

By Donna Felice, RN, LE What do you look for in your skin care products? We all want wrinkle fighters, brighteners, lighteners, pore shrinkers, zit fighters…well maybe not all that at once. But, how do you know if you have the right ingredients in your daily products to address your needs ? One of the [...]

The Skin Analysis

By Donna Felice, RN, LE A properly executed skin analysis is a critical part of any skin care treatment program. A professional skin analysis is the only way to to determine what products and treatments will be the most effective and safe to improve or restore your skin's health. To better understand how a skin analysis [...]

The Benefits of Peels

By Donna Felice, RN, LE Corrective peels, also known as chemical peels, dermapeels or chemexfoliation, is a treatment applied by a licensed aesthetician or dermatologist and is a safe, effective alternative to laser resurfacing. Peels work on the premise that your skin has the ability to regenerate itself. The peel solution sloughs off dead, damaged skin and [...]

Help for Ingrown Hairs

By Donna Felice, RN, LE With the summer weather we are shaving and waxing more frequently. Unfortunately for a lot of us, that means those unsightly ingrown hairs. Ingrowns can appear anywhere we remove hair: underarms, bikini area, legs and/or face. Today we will look at what exactly is an ingrown hair and how they [...]

Brazilian Waxing 101

By Donna Felice, RN, LE Are you curious about Brazilian waxing? Not sure exactly what it is? In this article we will describe what it is, why people get them, who gets them, the benefits of getting it done and when is the best time to book a service. What is a Brazilian Wax? A [...]

Safe Fun in the Sun

By Sharron Leonard (courtesy of ASCP) Because sunlight activates the synthesis of vitamin D, a nutrient that works with vitamin A to build strong bones and good eyesight it is essential for health. Furthermore, bright light, specifically sunshine, can improve your mood and help ward off depression. But all things in moderation. Overexposure to UV [...]