By Donna Felice, RN, LE

freeimage-8445998-webI wouldn’t consider myself a high maintenance person. But recently, I read a Facebook post that read something to the effect of “I don’t wear makeup and my body is not perfect. I like who I am.” That person would probably roll their eyes at me as I stand at the counter at Ulta, examining the selection of eye brow gels and trying to decide which one to purchase.

In my 20’s and 30’s, I took my skin for granted. It looked fine, and drugstore makeup did the trick. Aside from occasional breakouts, there were more things in life to get my attention. Then something strange happened when I hit my 40’s. While I feel good about myself inside; secure with who I was, confident and less concerned about the opinions of others, how I saw myself on the outside changed. “Does turning 40 cause you to become a self-confident narcissist?”, I would wonder to myself. And I am not alone. As I was taking classes in aesthetics, friends and co-workers would ask me questions like “have you learned yet how to treat wrinkles?” and “what can I do about my turkey neck?” Guess what – those women, like myself, were all in their 40’s.

The truth is, that it is not narcissism that hits women in their 40’s so much as it it is coming to terms with your own mortality. Some things in life seem so ironic to me. Like when your kids are old enough to no longer need a babysitter, and you have money to go out and “hit the town” – your ability to party all night decreases proportionally. Also ironic is that when you are in your 20’s and 30’s you are insecure on the inside, but look great on the outside. But when you hit your 40’s, you feel good on the inside, but your body’s limitations and flaws in your appearance become far more evident. Perhaps it’s just a time in life when your kids are graduating high school, you can’t party like you used to, and you can’t get up off the floor without groaning a little – then you look in the mirror and say, “Where did that wrinkle come from?” And while you cannot totally undo what you lacked in skin care in your 20’s and 30’s, you can help to slow down the process and in some cases turn back the clock a little.

(un)SPA is not solely about facials and pampering. It is about examining your skin to determine what it is lacking, discovering what will help stave off the aging process and understanding how and why we age. It does not make sense to spend a fortune on wrinkle creams that you might see on late-night infomercials, if you are not using the right cleansers and hydrators that are prescribed for you from a professional. At (un)SPA you can get expert guidance from someone who understands your skin care goals and wants to help you look and feel your best – with makeup or not. This is why I founded this company, and this is the passion that I have for skin care. And if you are in your 20’s and 30’s – learn from my mistakes and the mistakes of others by taking care of your skin properly now, so you have less damage to undo by the time you hit your 40’s. Trust me you will be very grateful for it.

I am thinking that by the time I am in my 70’s, I will be at peace with however my body, skin and hair looks. I can go grey, wear a house coat all day long, and doze off during “The Price is Right”. But for the next 30 years or so, I will be fighting the wrinkles, trying to turn back the clock a few years, and looking in the mirror saying “Hey, where did that wrinkle come from?”