We love newbies at Citrus Skin Studio. We love teaching and guiding you towards your goals for healthy skin and a complexion that makes you feel confident. However, we do come across a lot of misconceptions about getting facials. Some feel that it is just fluff, a luxury that is not necessary but reserved for special occasions or a girl’s day out. What a facial is, or should be, is self care and an investment in the face that you are going to look at every day for years to come. A facial can help correct and/or prevent many conditions such as sun damage, melasma, rosacea, acne, premature aging and fine lines. A facial can help you understand your skin type and what products and ingredients are best suited for you. A facial can help you save money by avoiding buying products that are not appropriate for your skin or products that you do not need. So, what exactly can you expect? When you visit us at Citrus Skin Studio you can expect the following to happen :

-We will ask you to fill out paperwork. It is important to us, and anywhere you go for service, that we know about allergies and medications. Certain medications can make your skin more sensitive. Some health conditions may cause contraindications with the tools we may use,like ultrasonic or high frequency. Retinols have a big impact on how we proceed so it is important we discuss this before we start.

– We will want to know what you are using at home and what your home care routine is so we can help you in filling any holes you have and make sure any ingredients in your home care products will not cause sensitivity during your facial.

– We will ask you what your concerns are. Not everything can be fixed with one facial. We want you to have realistic expectations. We also want to customize your facial to address your specific concerns and make a game plan for any further treatments.

– You will be taken into a private room and given a wrap to change into if you are comfortable with that. Our facial includes working on the neck and chest as well as a shoulder massage.

– We will perform a double cleanse and then examine your skin with a magnifying lamp. We want to look for milia, white heads and black heads, sun damage as well as many other things. We want to feel how resilient your skin is, if you have a lot of collagen loss as well as feel the texture and dryness or oiliness.

– Based on the skin assessment we will choose an exfoliating enzyme. A deeper exfoliating than you can do at home and at the same time it can deliver needed corrective ingredients into the skin to help with the issues we are targeting as well as to balance the skin. We often use steam with the enzyme to help it work better and to soften your skin for the next step.

– Extractions. While during your visit we strive to make sure you are comfortable, this step can be a bit uncomfortable. It is the process in which we clean out your pores and relieve impactions – think Dr Pimple Popper.  We are gentle and most clients really appreciate this step even if it is a little pinchy here and there. You may not need extractions or you may opt not to have them done.

– Serums and Masks are next to give your skin what it needs for balance and hydration. They will be chosen specifically for your needs and we have a wide variety for any face we take care of. We will use many other products and tools during your facial to treat your skin concerns.  This includes antioxident serum, corrective toners,  dermafiles,  ultrasonic scrubber and spatula, and  hydration meter just to name a few.

– While your mask is on you will enjoy a complimentary hand and arm massage.

– When your facial is over we will provide you samples of products for your skin type and concerns and written instructions.

We recommend that you have a facial every 4 to 6 weeks or at least seasonally as your skin has different needs as the weather changes.

At Citrus Skin Studio we strive to combine a spa experience with clinical treatments and provide results driven facials. As a new client, we schedule you for 90 mins allowing time for paperwork and to ask as many questions as you need. We want you to love and appreciate your skin!

Are you ready to invest a little in yourself? Schedule anytime online http://citrusskinstudio.com/appointments/

Feel free to call and ask any questions you have or stop in anytime 😉