Collagen Induction Therapy

Working from The Bottom Up

Collagen Induction Therapy, also called micro-needling, is a safe and effective method for rejuvenating skin using your body's own natural healing mechanisms.

A device the size of a pen glides across the skin creating microchannels directly into the deeper tissues to trigger the natural wound healing cascade. As the channels are being created, hyaluronic acid is delivered to the structures below where it can immediately begin to plump the skin. The creation of the channels begins the process of collagen and elastin fibers filling in the spaces, rejuvenating the skin.

Traditionally facial treatments use products, peels, and modalities such as microdermabrasion to treat the superficial skin conditions and stimulate collagen production. The work is being done from the top down to affect change in the base layers where all the cellular function happens. With CIT we can work from the bottom up, causing real changes and collagen remodeling.

The following can be improved with CIT

  • fine lines - crows feet, marionettes lines, 11's
  • sagging skin - tummy, cheeks
  • scars - flat, raised
  • acne scars -pitted, rolling, icepick scars
  • skin discoloration - PIH, melasma, redness
  • stretch marks
  • large pores

Free from chemical peels or ablative treatments there is little downtime. Some will have sun or windburn look the following day and tight skin. This typically resolves by day 3.


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