8 week skin rehab plan

Get your face ready for a make up free summer !

Looking forward to warmer weather? Is the winter leaving your skin dull and dry? Do you hide behind make up and want to be make up free this summer? Our 8 week intense skin rehab may be just what you are looking for. We will work with you and using peels, custom facials, LED treatments and highly active home care products we can help you achieve firmness, even tone and minimize lines.

  • Week One  - Rezenerate Facial 

Pumps the skin with hydration and delivers corrective serums deep into the skin to prepare for the peel and begin the cellular turnover process

  • Week Two - Peel

One to two layers of a corrective peel.Post peel products provided.

  • Week Three - Nurture and Soothe

A light gentle microderm treatment to polish off dead flakes or a gentle fruit exfoliation followed by a vitamin mask to accelerate healing.

  • Week Four thru Six - LED Therapy

LED sessions will promote collagen production and rebuild the skin.

  • Week Seven - Rest

  • Week Eight - Peel or Rezenerate Facial ( depending on previous outcome, skin condition, and overall skin health)

Up to 3 layers can be applied or a gentle hydrating peel or rezenerate treatment.

Products are included with the package and include a gentle cleanser, hydrating toner, corrective serum and gel mask for home use. Products needed for advanced cases of melasma and hyperpigmentation for pretreatment not included.

LED sessions are " use it or lose it" . Sessions may not be carried over past the 8 week treatment series. 

For a limited time this package is available for $599.00. The optimal time to start treatments is now thru April. 

2 weeks after peel

2 weeks after peel